Chase & Partners is keen to develop careers for all its staff to maximise their potential and to engender a feeling of support and mutual respect. Consequently opportunities arise for individual members of staff to move departments and further their interest according to the objectives they have set themselves in their working lives. This applies to both professional and support staff.

Chase & Partners is selective in its recruitment of new employees so as to ensure that those who have the right approach with both motivation and self discipline are able to integrate quickly and effectively with the existing team. Our employment policy welcomes candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and we therefore not only preach an equal opportunity policy but demonstrate this approach in our day to day activities and consumer planning.

We aim to develop the skill base of employees. We have structured CPD arrangements in place and invest in formal courses and additional qualifications so as to maximise each individual’s potential in a way which each suits them and adds value to the individual as well as those whom they advise.

For information about a career at Chase & Partners contact John Shuttleworth.