St James Centre shopping centre Edinburgh – Expert Witness

In 2015, Graham Chase acted as the commercial property Expert Witness on behalf of Grosse Investments Limited as Feuholder of the John Lewis department store forming part of the St James Centre shopping centre in central Edinburgh. Graham’s precognition was in support of his client’s objection to the inclusion of their Heritable Interest in “The St James Quarter (Number Two) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014” on the grounds that the development was capable of being delivered without the Feuholder’s interest being acquired and that all necessary consents could and would be granted by the Feuholder to the long leaseholder. Other complex issues arose in this case including the status of authorisation to the CPO by Edinburgh City Council and the omitting of the client’s Feuhold interest from the Order Schedule. The Scottish Ministers dismissed the objections raised by Grosse Investments Limited but a proposed challenge by way of a judicial review was not put to the Court of Sessions as the promoters of the development, Henderson, acquired the client’s heritable interest in a private agreement.